Cat Pregnancy Calculator with Timeline

Precisely calculate your cat's pregnancy with our Cat Pregnancy Calculator to monitor pregnancy milestones with a due date.

Updated at:June 1, 2024

How do you know if your Cat is pregnant?

If you are unaware of cat pregnancy signs, early detection is crucial to managing a healthy cat pregnancy. These signs are included:

  • Cat Nipple changes: the cat nipple will start darkening and swelling around 15 to 18 days.

  • Enlarged abdomen and weight gain: The Cat will start noticeable weight gain and an enlarged abdomen around the 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Cat Behavioral changes: in cat behaviour, you will notice cat morning sickness, Increased affection and appetite

How long or periods of cat pregnancy?

The cat pregnancy normally is about 63 days but can vary in range from 58 to 71 days, so the timeline of the calculator is applied to all broadly domestic cats. Here is the full timeline of cat pregnancy:

  • Day 1-14 (Weeks 1-2): Fertilization and the early embryo development. You may not notice any physical changes in the Cat, but it is also crucial to start preparing for pregnancy care.

  • Day 15-21 (Week 3): Embryos implant in the uterus. Slight weight gain and possibly some nipple colour changes can also be observed.

  • Day 22-28 (Week 4): Significant hormonal changes. You will start noticing your Cat's increased appetite and morning sickness.

  • Day 29-35 (Week 5): The vet can confirm pregnancy through palpation. Embryos are now referred to as fetuses.

  • Day 36-42 (Week 6): Visible belly enlargement. Now is a good time for an ultrasound to check the health of the fetuses and estimate litter size.

  • Day 43-49 (Week 7): Fetuses grow rapidly, and you may start feeling kitten movements. Increase your Cat's food intake as recommended by the vet.

  • Day 50-56 (Week 8): Nesting behavior begins. Prepare a quiet, comfortable area for your Cat to give birth.

  • Day 57-63 (Week 9): Watch for signs of labor, including restlessness and possibly a decreased appetite. Labor could start at any time.

How Can I Use The Cat Calculator To Get A Full Timeline Of The Gestation Period With A Due Date?

It is super easy: enter your Cat's estimated mating day, and you will see the full timeline week by week and the last delivery day so that you can follow the full timeline to care for the Cat's pregnancy and healthy delivery,

so here is the equation equation of Cate's pregnancy:

Cat due date = Mating date + 63 days

How Do You Care For A Pregnant Cat?

As the pregnancy starts, you need to care for the Cat and gradually increase her nutrition as your vet advises. Make sure that she has a quiet place to rest and that you avoid stressful situations for her.

How To Prepare For Birth?

when the time comes for delivery, you must set up the birthing box in a quiet and warm area two weeks before the expected birth, monitor the Cat for signs of labor, and prepare the vet's contact information.

How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

The Cats are mostly pregnant for about 63 days, but the day can vary from 58 to 71 days.

Can I Feel The Kittens In A Pregnant Cat?

Yes, you may feel the kittens moving from about the seventh week.

What Should I Feed To My Pregnant Cat?

Feed Cat high-quality, nutrient-rich foods, and follow your vet's recommendation to gradually increase her food intake as the pregnancy progresses.

How Can I Tell How Far Along My Cat Is?

The most accurate way is through palpation, ultrasound, and veterinary examinations.