Cow Gestation Calculator

Use our Cow Gestation Calculator to track your cow's due date and timeline to ensure healthy calving.

Updated at:June 1, 2024

What is the Cow Gestation Calculator?

The Cow Gestation Calculator is an online free tool that helps you estimate the due date of your cow pregnancies. It only requires the start date of the pregnancies to determine the due date.

How accurate is a cow gestation calculator in predicting the actual delivery date of a pregnant cow?

The cow gestation calculator can estimates the expected delivery date of a pregnant cow based on the average gestation period for cows. The average gestation period for cows is around 283 days, but it can vary between 279 and 287 days.

How to Use Cow Gestation Calculator?

Here are the simple guide to know how to use this tool to know the due date of cow pregnancies:

  1. Find the input field labeled "Pregnancy Start Date." This field is used to enter the date when the cow's pregnancy began. So, enter the date when the cow's pregnancy began.

  2. After filling the date, click or tap the "Calculate Due Date" button. This will initiate the calculation process.

  3. Now, check the due date cow pregnancies below.