Mare Gestation Calculator

The Mare Gestation Calculator helps you calculate horse pregnancy milestones based on breed-specific gestation periods.

Updated at:June 1, 2024

How to Know if a female horse(mare) is Pregnant (Carrying a Foal)?

The mares will show early signs of pregnancy which include::

  • increased calmness
  • changes in appetite
  • slight increase in abdominal size

A veterinarian can confirm the pregnancy via palpation or an ultrasound approximately 15 days after breeding.

What is the average duration of a female horse(mare's) pregnancy?

The gestation period varies depending on the breed, but on average, an adult female horse (mare) carries the foal for about 320 to 365 days. For example, a Thoroughbred mare's gestation period is typically between 320 and 340 days, while Draft horse could gestate for 340 to 365 days.

When can a female horse (mare) breed after foaling?

Typically, a female horse (mare) can breed again around 7 to 10 days after foaling, that period is known as "foal heat". However, it's often recommended to wait until the second estrus cycle which is approximately around 30 days post-foaling.

What Should I Feed a Pregnant Female Horse (mare)?

A pregnant female horse(mare) needs a balanced grain mix, high-quality forage, and vitamin-mineral supplements. You can consult your veterinarian for the best advice based on the female horse(mare) pregnancy stage, and the breed is recommended.

How should I prepare for a female horse's (mare) birth?

You must keep an eye on many things for a healthy foaling delivery. First, ensure the area where the female horse(mare) will give birth is safe, clean, and quiet. Monitor signs that show she is going into labor, e.g., restlessness and nesting. You must keep your vet's contact information nearby, and the necessary supplies should be ready for the foal's birth.

How do I know when my female horse is going to foal?

There are some signs a female horse(mare) will show when she close to foaling, which include:

  • udder development
  • waxing of the teats
  • relaxation of the pelvic muscles
  • increased restlessness or nesting behavior

Closely monitoring these signs will help you get ready for the foal's birth.

What are the stages of female horse(mare) pregnancy?

There are three stages of female horse(mare) pregnancy: early, mid, and late.

  • The early stage of pregnancy involves embryo development and implantation.
  • The middle stage of pregnancy involves significant fetal growth and organ development.
  • Rapid fetal growth occurs in the last or late stage of pregnancy, as the foal prepares for birth.
What complications can arise during mare pregnancy?

Complications during mare pregnancy can include twin pregnancies, placentitis (inflammation of the placenta), and abortion. Regular veterinary check-ups can help detect and manage these issues early.

How should I care for a mare after foaling?

After birthing a foal, make sure the female horse(mare) is healthy. Please consider monitoring any problems like infections or distress the mare could experience.

Take care with high-quality feed and clean water, and allow female horse(mother) to bond with their foal. Veterinary checkups are necessary to ensure the foal and female horse(mother of foal) are healthy.

Can female horse experience false pregnancy?

A female horse(mare) can show symptoms of pregnancy, but she may not be pregnant due to hormone imbalance and other factors. But thankful to the veterinarian who can diagnose and manage false pregnancy in female horse(mare).