Goat Gestation Calculator

Calculate the goat's gestation due date and track the milestone timeline based on breed to ensure a healthy delivery.

Updated at:June 1, 2024

What is the typical gestation period for goats?

The typical gestation period for goats ranges from 145 to 155 days, depending on the breed.

What breeds are included in the Goat Gestation Calculator?

The calculator includes gestation periods for the following breeds: Average, Boer, Nigerian Dwarf, Pygmy, and Saanen.

Can I confirm my goat's pregnancy using this calculator?

The calculator provides an estimated timeline, but pregnancy should be confirmed by a veterinarian using appropriate methods such as ultrasound or physical examination.

What should I do if my goat shows signs of labor before the estimated due date?

If your goat shows signs of labor before the estimated due date, monitor her closely and be prepared for an early delivery. Contact your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

How do I prepare for my goat's due date?

Ensure your goat has a clean and comfortable birthing area, provide adequate nutrition, and monitor her closely as the due date approaches. Have your veterinarian's contact information readily available in case of any complications.

How do I tell if a goat is pregnant?

Signs of pregnancy in goats can vary but common indicators include:

  • Physical Changes: An increase in belly size, especially noticeable after a few months.
  • Behavioral Changes: The doe might become more docile or, conversely, more irritable.
  • Appetite Changes: Increased appetite is often observed.
  • Milk Production: If the goat is already a lactating doe, there might be changes in milk production.
  • Ultrasound: A veterinary ultrasound is the most reliable way to confirm pregnancy.
How many babies do goats have per pregnancy?

Goats typically have between 1 to 4 kids per pregnancy, with twins being the most common. Factors such as breed, age, and health of the doe can influence the number of kids.

When do you breed goats after kidding?

It's generally recommended to wait at least 3 months after kidding before breeding a doe again. This gives her body sufficient time to recover and ensures that she is in optimal health for the next pregnancy.